Hoping to take a leaf-peeping road trip this fall? We've got you covered! From the best time of year to the best places in New England, we have everything you need for a successful and memorable autumn adventure. Scroll down below for our favorite tips on planning your perfect leaf-peeping experience.

When to Go: October is considered New England's most popular month for leaf-peeping, thanks to the mild weather and of course, gloriously colorful foliage. But did you know that our best colors reach their peak in early October? That's right, mid-October is also a great time to see fall leaves in all their autumnal glory. If you're a true leaf-peeping aficionado, consider extending your trip from mid-October through early November. While there are still leaves on the trees during this time, not all have changed colors yet – so be sure to ask an innkeeper if you'd like to see some of our region's best foliage.


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