Each year, Volvo S60 continues to be a popular luxury compact sedan, appealing to those who love an intelligent, aesthetic mixture of sportiness, sophistication, power and supreme handling. Volvo S60 also has an array of safety features that continue to impress us here at Volvo Cars of Vestavia Hills.

Daytime Running Light Sensors

Volvo S60's daytime running lights activate automatically during daylight hours, giving the sedan a more noticeable silhouette on the road. Thanks to special twilight sensors, Volvo S60 also automatically engages low beam headlights as needed. At night, other sensors detect oncoming headlights or the taillights of vehicles up ahead, causing the Volvo S60 to toggle between low and high beams.

Collapsible Steering Wheel

Volvo S60's steering wheel boasts unique construction that lets its upper and lower portions collapse safely to minimize injury in the event of frontal impact.

Swing by our Vestavia Hills dealership today for an exciting, informative test drive of the Volvo S60, and see why we can't enough of this sedan.


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