A Paint Touch-Up Can Restore Your Car's Curb Appeal

Minor and severe scratches can be corrected with touch-up paint if proper supplies are used during each maintenance phase. The most important item that you must have is matching paint because your car won't be as appealing without it.

Begin the project by determining the degree of the scratch. A minor scratch is a flaw that's not very noticeable, and a severe scratch is a defect that stands out from a distance. Next, figure out the paint color by reviewing your vehicle's manual. You'll need the factory color code, which is usually listed in the maintenance section. At this point, visit a local hardware store, and gather supplies for the job. A simple or a minor repair project requires soap, sand paper, and a hose. Begin the project by rubbing sand paper over the scratch. If the scratch is light, use a 220-grit sand paper on the vehicle's housing. For an intense scratch, rub the housing with a sheet of sand paper that has a higher grit. When you can see the exposed metal, restore the finish by applying a new coat of paint.

If you need speedy results, consider using professional paint touch-up services. For tough jobs, Volvo Cars of Vestavia Hills is a great place to service a severely scratched automobile.



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