Routinely checking fluid levels is necessary even when there are no apparent signs of a leak. Puddles of fluid on the ground would indicate a leak, but sometimes the owner may not see them. So, checking an oil dipstick or removing a radiator cap and taking a look seems wise.

Several different fluids serve various purposes inside a car. Motor oil might be the most well-known, and a loss of such fluid could result in a destroyed engine. The same would be true with transmission fluid, although checking transmission fluid may require a professional eye.

Windshield washer, differential, and power steering fluid require checks. Most definitely, so does brake fluid. If brake fluid leaks out, hydraulic pressure goes with it, and the vehicle won't stop.

Vestavia Hills, AL car owners have a location to visit for their routine maintenance needs. Volvo Cars of Vestavia Hills could help with fluid flushes and changes, along with other service requests.

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