Moving your vehicle around is dirty work. That is why your tires deserve some TLC when you go to wash your car. There are certain things you will want to keep in mind when you begin this job, however.

Volvo Cars of Vestavia Hills strongly recommends having rags and other tools dedicated to cleaning your tires. We also recommend starting with your tires before moving on to the rest of the vehicle. These steps will protect your paint job from the brake dust and other grime that comes off tires.

Removing as much dirt as you can is the first step to take. A pressure washer is the preferred tool, but you can also use a regular hose and nozzle. The next step is to apply a tire cleaner. There are a variety of options on the market. Do not just put your cleaner on and wash it right off. Let the cleaner sit and work on the grime so you do not have to scrub as hard.

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