Nothing cuts a figure on the road as dashing as the Volvo V90. This premium wagon is a classic luxury champion and a Vestavia Hills, AL Volvo Cars of Vestavia Hills team favorite. It's also spacious, comfortable, high-tech, and loaded with on-trend safety features.

Collision-Avoidance Tech

You only have two hands and two eyes, but there's always a lot of stuff happening on the road. To support your ongoing safety during commutes, the Volvo V90 continuously scans the road ahead of you for pedestrians and vehicles. If the system detects a possible collision, it issues alerts, offering time for you to decelerate or brake hard.

Park Like a Pro Every Single Time

A pristine bird's-eye view of the Volvo V90 is now a reality. Four strategically positioned exterior high-def cameras offer a top-down view of the entire wagon: its top, rear, front, and sides. The cameras also capture several cubic feet within a radius of the wagon's exterior, helping you ease into tight parking spots like a pro, align a trailer with spot-on precision or stay abreast of road conditions around you.

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