The Basics of Gaskets

Gaskets are one of the unsung heroes many appliances and certainly automobiles. Gaskets can be found in many parts of your car. The most important one is likely the engine. Gaskets are the little objects that seal your engine together. Any time two pieces of metal come together, a gasket seals the connection and keeps fluid or air from leaking.

Traditionally, gaskets have been made of materials like rubber. Today's gaskets are engineered on a case-by-case basis, for the car they'll be part of and exactly where they're located. Most modern automotive gaskets are made of multi-layered steel. Some are also made from copper and rubber is still important, too.

Blowing a gasket can lead to strange sights and sounds for your car. These can include bubbles, foam, white smoke and changes to pressure. If you think you've got an issue with a gasket, don't hesitate to come see us at Volvo Cars of Vestavia Hills.


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