Why would someone move a car's tires from side-to-side or the back ones to the front and vice versa? For one reason, you'll help improve traction and handling. And there are other reasons why requesting tire rotation service is advisable. Tires suffer and degrade over time. A tire rotation seeks to address some wear-and-tear issues.

If you don't rotate a car's tires, then the tires experience uneven wear. Uneven wear does affect traction and handling and not in a good way. Tread life diminishes, and you don't want your treads to wear out prematurely.

Most drivers in Vestavia Hills, AL opt to rotate the tires every 5,000 miles. Getting tire rotations and oil changes done at the same time makes sense. Ask about checking the tires for any issues while the technician services them.

At Volvo Cars of Vestavia Hills, our service team is available to assist with tire rotations and other services. And it is easy to make an appointment with them.

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