The Volvo XC40 is Engineered with Safety First

Automotive safety features are often overlooked in favor of performance, styling, and interior amenities. Safety features are arguably the most essential features of a car, and Volvo makes "safety first" their design philosophy. They designed the Volvo XC40 to be one of the safest crossovers on the road. Superb engineering has earned them the IIHS Top Safety Pick+ for offering premier protection inside and out.

Standard features such as Driver Alert Control and City Safety Collision Avoidance all work together to keep the drivers and passengers in the Volvo XC40 safe. Driver Alert Control makes use of the forward-facing camera to and monitors your steering inputs to see how they compare to your regular driving style. If the system notices that you are driving wildly, it gives you an audible and verbal warns to help calm down or recommend you pull over to take a break. This system is designed to help prevent accidents when a driver is tired or stressed.

City Safety Collision Avoidance Technology uses the XC40’s cameras and sensors to detect other vehicles, pedestrians and other objects. The system uses audible and visual warnings as well as brake pulses to help avoid collisions. If the system feels that a collision is imminent, it will brake automatically to minimalize or prevent the impact.

The Volvo XC40’s safety features make it an ideal family car for daily commutes in town or cross-country road trips. Visit Volvo Cars of Vestavia Hills to explore these features in person and take the XC40 for a test drive.



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